Dr Rabeya Khatoon – Social Sciences and Law

Dr Rabeya Khatoon is a Lecturer in Economics within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law.

Tell us about your journey into academia… 

have always had a desire to work in academia from the start of my undergraduate studies at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Maybe this is because I got influenced by the very best lecturers there and to the subject matter of Economics from the very beginning. With my hard work and love for the subject, I topped the class and eventually joined the University of Dhaka as a Lecturer after completing my master’s in Economics.

To know more about the subject and with a desire to specialize in Econometrics, I applied for and got selected at the University of Manchester for MSc in Economics and Econometrics, funded by the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship. Based on my performance there, I was able to gain full funding for my doctoral studies straightaway and completed my studies with success. For me, it was the love for the subject that helped me the most, this is the reason why I did not fall behind even after having three of my children during PhD studies

Upon completion, I returned to the University of Dhaka, though not for long. After one year, I was able to join University College London, and then the University of Bristol as an academicMy place as an academic is neither by chance, nor by luck; I believe it is my love for Economics and my passion to teach that brought me where I am at present.  


What tips do you have for prospective postgraduate students? 

Postgraduate study is a must if you want to join academia. If you have a different career goal, its still worth exploring, as the return to this one more year of education is measured to be significantly positive. MSc Economics and Finance at Bristol is a specialist programme that can equip you with cutting-edge economics knowledge with a focus on finance. 

There is no alternative to gather as much relevant information as possible before you choose your University and your programme. It is important to know the strengths of the institution and the prospects of the programme to see if it matches with your aspirations.  


What’s your experience of events at Bristol? 

I’ve been at several events since working at Bristol. It’s such a pleasure to interact with many prospective students showing an interest in MSc Economics and Finance! During the lockdown, I was involved in a virtual event with a live chatI was very happy to see students asking questions about the programme as well as overall life in Bristol. 


Do you have any advice for how prospective students can make the most of the virtual events? 

believe if you take the time to use all the resources available to research for the programmes you are interested in and note down some questions or points of discussion beforehandit’ll not look quite different than the face to face open week. You’ll be able to use the chat function to ask any questions or queries you might have   


What kind of things can students ask you? 

Anything! I’ll be happy to answer any questions about my programme, guidance on the suitability of the programme given your background, the structure of the programmethe way we teach it, and the future career prospects after studying on the programme. We are an approachable bunch so feel free to ask away. People often have very specific questions about the suitability of the programme given their career goal and their academic preparation so far. I often get queries about what modules they can take, the format of the general teaching and research interests regarding dissertation supervision.  


Why is it important to attend the  events? 

I think it’s really important to attend the events as it gives you a firsthand feeling of the University and the staff working here. Though they’re taking place virtually this year, by attending the events you’ll get to know how we are using technology to facilitate communication in this new normal state of life. By chatting to academics, you can make sure that the program is the right one for you.  


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