Behind the scenes: The Enquiries Team

Are you joining us for postgraduate study this year? Henry, one of our Enquiries Team members, gives his advice for new postgraduates. Find out where to get advice and support as well as the best places to go in Bristol!

Hi everyone, I’m Henry and I work in the Enquiries Team for the University. You may have spoken to myself or my colleagues during the application process and I would like to congratulate all of you on starting your studies with us this year! Whilst our role largely focuses on helping students with their applications we are still here to help with any queries from new and current students alongside our colleagues at the Student Information Point.

The most popular enquiries from incoming students have, unsurprisingly, been about the University’s plans for the upcoming academic year in the face of the ongoing pandemic. I never thought the phrases ‘blended curriculum’ and ‘stretchy campus’ would become part of my lexicon but here we are! If you haven’t had the pleasure of speaking to myself (!) then please take a look at our Covid-19 FAQ pages which provide all of the most important information about our commitment to providing a safe and fulfilling learning environment.

“I never thought the phrases ‘blended curriculum’ and ‘stretchy campus’ would become part of my lexicon but here we are!”

Lots of students are keen to find out what events are planned for the Welcome Week beginning on the 28th September. The University is planning lots of virtual induction events that will help you get settled, meet fellow students, and get ready to explore Bristol! More information on course-specific events will be communicated by your faculty and please do check out our Bristol SU page to see all of the great societies and events that are planned.

I would advise all incoming postgraduates to orientate yourself with all of the great support services we offer. This ranges from wellbeing support to career advice and study support. Whatever your needs are we can help direct you to the correct team to support you.

One of the best things about studying at the University of Bristol is the city itself. Bristol is the perfect size to provide a diverse and exciting experience whilst always being within a commutable distance. Wherever I have lived in Bristol I have been able to walk or cycle to wherever I want to go within the city. If you are ever in South Bristol I would recommend Perrett’s Park which overlooks the city, it is definitely a hidden gem among Bristol’s many park spaces and has an amazing view as the sun sets.

I would really recommend looking at our explore Bristol page as this has a breakdown of the city’s neighbourhoods, key attractions, and commutable destinations within the South West & Wales.

I really hope you have a great beginning to your time at Bristol, if you need any advice or assistance during your first weeks then please contact us and we will be happy to help or put you in touch with someone who can. You can email us at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

From all of the Enquiries Team we wish you good luck and an amazing time in Bristol!


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